04 juin 2010

of my life

where all you have our imprint.
all of us, the original has not MBT Shoes Clearancebeen erased.
all were quietly buried in my heart, tears and remorse, but can be used only to open!

at that time, I love you! These words only for you!
not someone else, no one can re-enter my heart.
this life loved you enough on the back with the rest of my life I aftertaste!

dear, let me, at that time, I love you!
fact I was a sad man, but my contacts do not necessarily see to ... ... ... ... ... ... I had injured a person's heart. I like it?

Dawn ~

the next and so we said good bye ~

, separated still be friends.

I always smile ... ...

as is will not let you hurt, you understand?

how love, let it go ~ cold is only a

I hope you are happy.

next life I come to youlose to name
Moujun boys bedroom celebrity, a penny license bureau, he lost 20 dollars a night, actually at one go. Roommates so the "reward" to him a lot of nice name. A Chinese name: light transmission Emperor; a Japanese name: input air pocket child; a Korean name: Kim was lost; a Russian name: input Debu also happy husband.

this day, students go to canteen Dafan A fat, God, rice MBT Shoes Salehad contained six cockroaches! A fat angrily to Dafan window, heavily into stainless steel boxes to the window sill Yishuai -6 cockroaches! In an instant calm down the noisy cafeteria, we all look forward to here ... ...
saw Da Fan's master calm, and serenity to A fat boxes out of a push, said: "The said How many times, and have collected seven cockroaches can change a Dousha Bao! "
This is a messy and inverted narrative, the postmodern deconstruction with a montage memories. This is a topic of youth. I was lost in the youth inside the sick child.

- inscription

diffuse natural thinking: youth, is a cozy sleep in the stars, or an affectionate Wang Chun Shui?

them, peep End of the World without end, a melancholy flow of how the lock future generations?

anyone willing to look back the past repeatedly chewing Sentimental, Na Liangpian also soft in the heart of pure, open another taken together, without perception, the dip into the thread of sadness, faint desolately, called were enchanted.

the bloom of youth still surround you my head, whom it could be who can stay? Youth is tired of the butterflies do not know, lightly forward, do not understand nostalgia.

them lone dark potou Road, not for Xiang Lian point a lamp.

then wait, then flowers, seemingly clear sky on a complex cover pressing a rolling sea of clouds.

us sigh Mo cloud dissipated yesterday, Discount MBT Shoeseras everywhere the other side.

along the way, we gave up, also persisted.

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